Mahindra People

  • C-Challenge Convention

    We’ve grown by challenging conventions at every turn, and we encourage our people to do the same by accepting no limits. Where others see problems, our people see possibilities.

  • A - Bring Alternative Thinking to the Workplace

    Alternative thinking is the new normal at our workplace. As we relentlessly seek to break fresh ground and solve problems, the ingenious use of our resources - and our ability to think differently - power us on.

  • P - Drive Positive Change in the Lives of Customers and Communities

    We expect everyone at Mahindra to work for the greater good, to advance humankind, and make the world a better place. A significant part of our job is to create lasting, positive change in the lives of the customers and communities we serve.

The Mahindra Experience

  • R - Recognition for Out-performance

    We encourage healthy competition, and create a high performance culture by recognizing breakthroughs, and rewarding those who achieve them.

  • E - Empowering Environment

    We promote a proactive workplace, one where you’re encouraged to make your own decisions, and take ownership of their ripples and ramifications. It empowers our people, and in doing so, encourages individual responsibility.

  • AL - Abundant Learning Opportunities

    At Mahindra, we listen and learn every day. Constant learning constitutes a fundamental aspect of the Mahindra Experience, with abundant learning opportunities at every level, and an environment that encourages constant learning

Leaders at Mahindra


Anand Mahindra
Executive Chairman of M&M Ltd.

Mr. Anand Mahindra is the Chairman of the US $20.7 billion Mahindra Group and the Executive Chairman of M&M Ltd. His tenure has seen the Group expand domestically and internationally into a range of major industrial sectors from automobiles and agriculture to IT and aerospace.


Anish Shah
Managing Director and C.E.O, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

He joined Mahindra Group in 2014, as Group President (Strategy), and worked closely with all businesses on key strategic initiatives, built capabilities such as digitization & data sciences and enabled synergies across group companies. In 2019, he was appointed Deputy Managing Director and Group CFO, with responsibility for the Group Corporate Office and full oversight of all businesses other than the Auto and Farm sectors, as a part of the transition plan to the C.E.O role.


Rajesh Jejurikar
Executive Director, Automotive and Farm Equipment Sector

Rajesh is a member of M&M board as Executive Director of Automotive and Farm Equipment Sector. He also serves on the boards of several companies including Mahindra USA, Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd (Japan), Peugeot Motocyles (France), Mahindra Racing SRL (Italy), Hisarlar (Turkey), Erkunt Traktor (Turkey) and Ltd.


Hemant Sikka
President – FES

Hemant manages the Farm Equipment Business as well as the Powerol business. Earlier he managed the purchasing spend of Rs. 30,000 Crores for various divisions, manufacturing, Cars, SUVs, Tractors, Trucks, Buses, Two Wheelers and Construction Equipment. In addition to his role as CPO, he also leads the Spare Parts and Genset businesses of Mahindra, both together having a turnover of Rs. 4,000 Crores.


Rajeshwar Tripathi
Chief Human Resource Officer – AFS

Over the span of his career, Rajeshwar has worked in multiple industries, different cultures in different global geographies, and imbibes the spirit and essence of diversity. He has been at the forefront of leading and managing change in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, integration projects & organization restructuring. Some of the notable acquisitions handled by him include Ssangyong Motors of Korea and erstwhile Punjab tractors.