Territory Manager - FaaS

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Date: 26 May 2023

Location: BADAUN

Company: Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Responsibilities & Key Deliverables

1. Planning: -
A. As a lead of the team, the primary responsibility of the RM is to plan the annual, quarterly and monthly activities which will be carried out in his region.
B. The planning of these activities has to be disbursed further down to his team to ensure operational excellency on ground.

2. FaaS Centre Management: - Each RM would hold a responsibility of managing 8 – 10 FaaS centres in his region, some of these centres would be directly taken care by the RM where he would require displaying the below results: -

a. To oversee the FaaS Centres in the territory. One TM would be responsible for 3-4 FaaS Centers.
b. Train the FCMs on - FaaS selling pitch, different packages, need based solutions, handling queries, etc.,
c. To ensure dealer’s on boarding on new dashboards, farm equipment’s and new practices of farming.

3. Agri – Input/ Agri – Advisory product sales

a. To Sell AB premium services to farmers.
b. To generate revenue for the Agri – input sales business assigned to him/her for his/her geography
c. To collaborate with the Teams of seeds, crop care to conduct farmer activities and ensure sale for dealers

4.Rental Services

a) Provide support to Rental Managers for effective customer services to the farmers in case there are product complaints from the farmers.
b) Monitor and Ensure the Demo’s are conducted effectively and the leads are routed to the Rental Entrepreneurs
c) Act as a SPOC for all information on our Rental Services in the Territory/Region.
d) Provide Tractor and Farm Machinery Sales Leads to the sales team of farm machinery and tractor businesses (FD or SD)

5.Dealer On boarding
The individual will be responsible to identify, reach, negotiate and on board new Dealers to the FaaS Platform.
He will be also be responsible to ensure the standardization is maintained in all FaaS centres in his region and regular upgradation of them as per the guidelines shared by HO.


7 to 10 years

Industry Preferred


M.sc in Agri

General Requirements